Is there a way to draw lines between points with no order in an M:N relationship (all-to-all) in ArcMap?

05-07-2020 01:51 PM
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I have a point feature class in ArcMap that I want to use to build a network in order to perform a Vehicle Routing Problem. I am looking for a way to draw lines between all points in an M:N relationship (all-to-all) to be used as edges.

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I will suggest that rather than trying to make a m by n network, use a grid.

A M by N network can become very densely connected if M and N start becoming large. For example a 50 by 100 means there will be a 100 lines originating from each of the 50 locations. The path finding code which is used to compute the OD Cost Matrix on this resulting network will start to run slower.

So I suggest that you use the GP tool Fishnet to create an appropriately dense or sparse grid that encompasses your point locations and build a network and solve VRP on it. This will more resemble a street network! f you still need a M by N directly connected network, I suggest that once you have this grid network, simply use the OD Cost Matrix tool on your M by N points and it will create the straight lines between all your points as part of the output.

Jay Sandhu  

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