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I have a road network and need  the number of busy roads that cross the route form each student to a school (Please see attachment).

First I intersect the Road network with the route = output A
I select by locaation from output A the roads that intersect with the route to obtained the crossing roads
Then I intersect the road_Infrastrucutre with route (points)

and I am stock in here as I do not known how to extract only the nodes that intersect the route (the one pointing the arrows). is ok if I have only few but I need to do this for over 300 routes so it has to be a easy way. Thanks

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Try using the Intersect tool

  • Inputs are your "busy streets" and the routes that students take

  • Set the Output Type parameter to POINT

  • The output will be the points (nodes) where the two routes intersect. It will also include, I'm guessing, points where busy streets intersect.

I'd suggest you look at this blog post about creating a street intersection list.  Although it doesn't solve your problem directly, it may give you good ideas to solve your problem.
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Thanks so much for your reply.

I did intersect in the way you told me  but i get the same output as shown in my attachment because the two lines crossing are Highways (busy roads).

I only need the node from the intersection (arrows pointing to it).

I look into and the node have a UFI and the lines crossing a From UFI to UFI so may try to export table into Access and try to extract the nodes and see if it work, let you know.

thanks again

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