Importing a Turn Feature Class

01-05-2012 10:09 AM
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In Network Analyst I am trying to import an existing turn feature class to be used with an updated street layer.  I imported the turn feature class to a new file geodatabase where I created a new
network dataset.  I did an integrate on the turn features, updated geometry and rebuilt the network but the turn feature class did not work in ArcMap.
Any suggestions?
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Esri Regular Contributor
Is the turn feature class part of the network dataset?

Did you assign any attribute value (restriction) for these turns?

Can you see the turns draw in ArcMap when you add the network dataset?

If you can see them, use the network identify tool (second icon from right on the NA toolbar) to click on turn feature class. Check the values associated with the turns? Do they look right? Is the connectivity to the edges correct?

Jay Sandhu
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Hi Jay,

It turns out that I had not assigned a Restricted value to the Turn Feature Class under evaluators.
I added the value and it now works.

I appreciate your help.
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