Import detailed location data from excel to ArcGIS

07-21-2015 01:11 PM
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Hey guys,

I am wondering would this possible be done in the ArcGIS.

I have lots of detailed location data in the excel, Longitude,latitude, travel start time, origin and destinations(such as A is set to be the origin for first vehicle and B is set to be the particular destination), parking period and etc.

I know that the long and lat could be imported from excel to ArcGIS.

What I am not sure is that would all relevant information/attributes would be possible to be imported from excel to ArcGIS as well. And, would it be possible, when finishing the network analysis by setting the shortest path, all the results would be possible to export to the excel, results such as travel distance finish time and etc.

If it can be done, what kind of format I should use in order to import.

I am trying to use ArcGIS to make my own modelling more realistic.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time and help.


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Hey Blake

Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes I know it could do coordinates, my question is what about other attributes such as start travelling time etc.

It is like the pre settings before we do the simulation in ArcGIS. Could we set these attributes from EXCEL not manually set in ArcGIS.



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I believe all of the other fields in the table are included when the XY event layer is created. Have you tried it?

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Obviously, excel tables can be imported into Arc and locations built from them.

Be aware of some of the issues with excel headers / content and so on.

But it all depends on what your data looks like and what are you trying to achieve.

If you have a start point, and an end point and a time for the journey between the them, do you have a network routable dataset to analyse this with? What other data do you have.

Excel is commonly single records ie a point. If there are multiple records per journey, then you need to look at a points to lines tool.