I cannot open the Directions window

08-28-2013 11:01 PM
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I have made a couple of VRP analysis and I can´t see the directions window when I press the  "show directions" buttom. A message saying "The network dataset does not have a time zone attribute" appears every time I press the show directions buttom. However, I am able to see it in my colleague's computer, so I guess there is something I have to activate in my computer.
Can someone give me a hint?

Many thanks in advance

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Is your colleague able to get directions on the same network dataset with same VRP layer?

if yes, then it may be some incorrect time zone registry setting on your computer. Take a look at:
The above has a section on what the registry may look like plus info on how to set up the network dataset with timezone information. In general it also has info on how to set the time zones in your network dataset.

You can also search for time zone in this link that explains when a solve may fail with time zone problems and how to fix it:

Jay Sandhu
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