How to get started with network analyst

04-27-2017 04:23 AM
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I am new to ArcGIS and particularly never used Network Analyst. I have been following up some tutorials on YouTube as well as the pre-installed tutorials from ESRI. Now I have some idea as to how we can make use of this extension. However, I am not able to give it a start. We have roads network of a district which I have want to use to conduct some analysis.

The analysis we want to conduct is about health facilities and households. For example we have visited 20 households and asked them where they go for health problem number 1, health problem number 2 etc. So, one household can identify one or more facilities which they visit with regards to their health needs. We want to make links between households and facilities and want to see how far they have to travel for a specific health need.

I would appreciate if anyone could guide me if this type of analysis can only be done in Network Analyst or there are other ways of doing such an analysis in the ArcMap 10. We can manage to measure distances manually if there is any other option to make lines between households and facilities they visit. If network analyst is the only option then please guide as to how I can accomplish this task using network analyst.

Here is what we have:

- Roads network of a district

- List of Households with xy

- List of facilities with xy and ID of household

Many thanks!

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