How to create point-specific, path-dependent buffers

07-22-2010 06:31 PM
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hi Everybody I'm a beginner in GIS programming, I came across some problems when I try to create point-specific buffers

Suppose I have multiple points and a road network with 3 urban centers, first, I want to find the nearest arterial road for a particular point A using near function; second, do sort of path analysis to create a short path which connects the point A and urban center 1, third, buffer this path (ideally like the red zone in the attachment), finally intersect the buffer layer with land use map and do some spatial statistics analysis

The problem is I want to do this procedure for every single point (almost 5000) every 5 years, so is there a way to achieve this goal via programming or Network Analyst extension?
Or is this complex metric workable?
Thanks a lot
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