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How to add restrictions in Find Closest Facilities from fields in incident and facilities feature class

01-14-2020 06:28 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi there, 

I am new to GIS and I am trying to use the FindClosestFacilities tool of the ClosestFacility toolbox to solve one of the problems in my academic research project. I have the incident and facilities feature class, both these datasets contain a field "Direction" which has values North/South/East/West. In finding the closest facility I want to find only those routes for which the value of "Direction" is the same in both incidents and features i.e. a feature should be found for an incident only if they share the direction. I am not sure how to achieve this? Can anyone please help with any ideas or suggestions?

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Esri Regular Contributor

You can do this in four solves. Create four CF layers, e.g., CF_North, CF_South, etc. Then you can select all the incident and facility features that have the same direction, say North and then loading them into a closest facility north layer and solving. Repeat for the other directions. Export/combine the results as needed.

Jay Sandhu

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