Historical traffic data with Impedance attribute of miles

09-30-2015 09:12 AM
New Contributor

I'm trying to solve a route using an impedance of miles in order to get the shortest route (I'm using ArcGIS Sever 10.3.1 and solving the route through the rest API).

However, I would also like to get the travel time of this route based on historical traffic data for a specific date/time. It seems like ArcGIS only supports historical traffic data if the impedance is TravelTime.

The message I'm getting is...

     "The start time was ignored because the impedance attribute is not time-based"

So my question is, is there any way to use traffic data on non time-based routes?


I did manage to find this in some documentation:

To use traffic in the analysis, set impedanceAttributeName to TravelTime, and assign a value to startTime... ...Traffic is supported only with the driving time impedance or travel mode.

Which seems to indicate this isn't possible, but that surprises me. I would have thought this was not an uncommon request. Does anyone know of a workaround or alternative method?

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