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08-12-2010 07:09 AM
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I'm currently attempting to solve a Vehicle Routing Problem and I have a reoccurring issue.  Here are the basics:

I have 100 orders that need to be serviced by 5 vehicles.  There is one depot that they originate from and end at.  The addresses for the orders and the depot have been geocoded and entered into the ArcGIS accordingly.

I have gone through the tutorials step by step and gone through each setting to make sure it is set to what I'm looking for.

Now for the problem ... when I click "Solve" I get a network of routes that is nowhere near optimized.  The routes themselves scatter areas that don't even have Order locations near them.

Is there something I am blatantly missing?  As I'm typing this, I notice that the Orders themselves do not have lat/long coordinates attached after I load them into orders.  Is there a step I am missing?

I appreciate any help that you may be able to give me!
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While I realize that I am about 7 years too late to help you, this comment may potentially help someone else with the same issue so I decided to respond.

If this happens, take a look at how you set the problem up. My guess is that you set a variable to the wrong attribute, such as 'label' as Distance or Time Attribute, etc. 

This could also be a problem with your roads data. Some datasets are better than others, and yours could have been of poor quality or a compilation of several datasets, resulting in some streets that don't quite match up or intersect like they should.

Third, double check the input data that everything is exactly where you would expect it to be. There could be conversion errors as you converted from file types or geographic coordinate systems etc. 

I hope this will help someone else who has a similar problem!

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