Force return trips to orders?

09-12-2012 03:06 AM
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Hi all,

I am trying to solve a problem where one vehicle will travel to several orders to pick up goods and return to a depot for unloading. The amount of goods at each order location is far bigger than the capacity of the vehicle which means the vehicle will make several trips to each order location. I need to force the vehicle to pick up all goods at one location before moving on to the next order location. This is due a very high cost associated with changing order location.

Let me give an example:

Let???s say the vehicle has a capacity of ???5???.
If order A has a pickupquantity of 22, that means the vehicle will travel 5 times to that order, 4 times with a full load and the last time with a load of ???2???.
It then proceeds to order B.
Order B has a pickupquantity of 19, the vehicle will travel 4 times to that order, 3 times with a full load and the last load of ???4???.
Proceed to order C???

Is there a way in VRP to achieve this?

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In VRP solver, routes are independent from each other. Unfortunately, there is no solution to force vehicles drive multiple trips to a location before it moves to the next location.


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