Force Closest Facility to generate route for every facility to closest incident

08-03-2016 02:28 PM
New Contributor II

I have 1,528 facilities (park centroids snapped to the closest edge of the road network) and 6,638 incidents (Bus stops snapped to closest edge of the road network).

I'm trying to figure out the average and median distance of each park to it's closest bus stop. But I'm getting tons of these two types of errors even though everything is on the network.

Warning: Location "Location 1453" in "Facilities" is unlocated.

Warning: No "Facilities" found for "Location 15" in "Incidents".

Unsure of how to proceed or really what more information you might need. If you had a better method of generating the mean and median distance along a network without this method I'd be open to that too.


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