Find Connected task using Arcobjects

10-16-2011 01:33 PM
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I am trying to do a "Find Connected" Task on the Utility Network Analyst Toolbar.
I am doing
1. Click on Add Junction Flag tool
2. Then click on add Junction Barrier tool
3. Then select "Find Connected" as Trace Task
4. Click on Solve

This shows me all the connected utilities to the junction flag.

Now, I want to combine the whole workflow into two clicks -
I have created a dockable window -mydocwin1. I have added button mybutton1 on that window.
When user clicks that button, it should set current tool as "Junction Flag Tool"(I still dont know how to do that.) , then once user selects one junction, the user will be asked to select barriers, once the user selects barriers, user clicks on another button(mybutton2) on mydockwin1 to do "Find Connected" task. How to automate this whole process in two clicks.

Also, I have another question, how to retrieve the assets found in the (Find Selection) Trace after that trace is completed?

thanks a lot
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