Exporting Adjacency or Edge Connection Matrix

08-26-2013 09:38 AM
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I am fairly new to ArcGIS and am looking to obtain some network connectivity data in the form of an adjacency matrix or edge connection matrix with specific focus on a network of roads. I know that ArcGIS utilizes this data somewhere, but I would like to be able to have this matrix be exported to either an excel or text document. I have run the Network Analyst Tool and obtained a network with all of the junctions and edges but am not able to extract this information from ArcGIS. I have found what seems like a viable solution in Visual Basic (http://forums.esri.com/thread.asp?c=93&f=1944&t=186348). However, I am unable to execute the code due to my lack of knowledge in that language and the difficulty in setting up VB with ArcGIS 10. My knowledge in Python is limited as well. Python seems to be a little bit more straight forward to utilize with GIS, so  I was wondering if someone might be able to assist me in creating a Phython script that could obtain this connectivity matrix?

I thank you ahead of time for any advice or resources that you might point me toward in the future.

Best Wishes,

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