Distance and route network analysis in arcmap

12-26-2015 04:10 PM
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I have two point shape files;

  1. 1. Geocoded address of the individuals,
  2. 2.    Grocery stores within 1 mile of the geocoded address of the individuals

I want to find out the nearest five groceries from each individual stores with its distance For example, within a 1 mile of a geocoded address, there are more than 10 groceries, I want to know the first five nearest groceries with their linear distance as well as road network distance (shortest route).

Then I want to find out the road network route from the geocoded address to all the groceries within 1 mile.

I used generate near tool from the ArcMap for first five nearest linear distance but it gives the distance of 1 grocery for five times instead of different five groceries

For Road network route, I used new facility tool, it gives the road network with total length of the route but I want to know the distance between each groceries from the geocoded address.

Please suggest which tools can i use in ArcMap 10.2.2?

  I would appreciate a detailed process, if detailed process not possible, let me know the tools.

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What is the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension?—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop is what you need

GeoNet Community Structure  describes the community structure for posting questions

Network Analyst and this is the GeoNet place for posting questions relating to networks, where you will have a better chance of getting an answer. 

You should move it there, since the GeoNet Lounge is for lounging and not geared to answering questions.

If you do have the network analyst extension, you should indicate that in your question and document your workflow, since it is not clear whether you obtained the network components yourself or from somewhere else.

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and the.. About the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension tutorial  if you haven't figured out by example yet.

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