Error: Warning: No "Facilities" found for "Location 1" in "Incidents"

11-09-2010 03:35 PM
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I was wondering why when I attempt to "Solve" a Closest Facility network,
I get the warning -

Warning: No "Facilities" found for "Location 1" in "Incidents".
Warning: No "Facilities" found for "Location 2" in "Incidents"

for ALL my incidents.

The incidents have been created from centroids of Collection Districts (CDs)- so they are not situated on the network, however  the search tolerance of 5000m should be more than enough to reach the surrounding network (streets layer). The facilities are train stations that lie on or very near to the network.
Any ideas would be most appreciated.
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No facilities found could be for a variety of reason. One could be network connectivity problems. That is, there is no path from the incidents to the facilities. Another could be cutoff imposed on the closest facility, so no facilities are within the cuttoff from an incident. Yet another problem can be some restrictions are on that prevent a path being found.

What network dataset are you using? Can you find a path between any pair of incident/facilities using the Route solver?

Jay Sandhu
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I know this thread is some month ole but I have the same problem as mSlater0, so hope someone has some advice. I also get the message �??Warning: No Facilities found for �??location 1�?� in �??Incidents�??. I think my problem arise when I try to create a Network Dataset. Actually, I have succeeded in creating one Network Dataset where my cost is �??travel time�?�(in minutes) which I think is the default cost in my case. So I know my maps are working. But I�??m also interested in investigating the costs in km to my destination (and also the driving direction). But when I create my Network Dataset and try manually to add the cost �??km�?� (in the �??specify the attributes for this network dataset�?�), then this mentioned error pups up when I try to solve the routes in Arcmap (my Network Dataset is created in ArcCatalog and I can open it in Arcmap and everything looks right, but I cannot do the �??solve route�?�)�?� I have tried to use the exercise from: But I must do something wrong in this process. Does anyone have experiences in regards to what to be aware in this process in order not to get this error�?�

Thank you anyone
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