Error: The source is not valid for the network

06-24-2011 12:48 AM
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I'm trying to use route solver (closest facility) but get the message:
Error: The source is not valid for the network

Does anyone know what this means??? (the source data is working fine in another ArcMap folder with other facilities and incidences)

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I have a similar problem.
I am working with Location-Allocation. I have 122 Demand Points and 122 Facilities. My first solvings worked fine. But now, I dont know why, I get the same Error. When I use new Points instead of my 122 Picks no error will occur. When I create a new analysis with new picks it also works. But when I copy only one of the 122 picks from the first analysis the error occurs again. So something with my picks is wrong.

But I want to use them. These are 122 well placed picks. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be and how to solve it or how to get the picks saved?

Thanks for ideas.


I found out, that every time when I create some new picks. And I export them to a featureClass (in a FGDB). And then use LoadLocations to import those exported points. Then the error occurs again. The source is not valid.
What happens there? Why does loadLocations not function (why is an option offered which does not work)?

edit 2:
I solved it this (not acceptable) way: I deleted all ND's and featureclasses (except my exported data). I created a new ND. I created a new Location-Allocation with the new ND. Typed all options and solved it one time yet.
So I think there were some Problems having more than one ND and more than one analysis. Maybe some locks where held or something else. So I try not to change any option..... (as i said before: not acceptable)
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When you save locations to disk, they are saved with the location information for that particular network dataset. These network location fields have information on the edige id's, percent along, etc. When you re-load them again later the default is to load them using existing network locations. This is much faster but it assumes that you are still using the same network dataset and have not edited or re-built it.
To avoid this problem, Click on the "Use Geometry" instead of the "Use Network Location Fields" on the Load Locations menu and things should work fine.

Jay Sandhu
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