Does ESRI Network Analyst support a bi-directional network like that exported from Cube or similar?

04-12-2017 02:01 PM
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Hello, I am trying to run some network analysis using a network shapefile exported from Cube and running into a problem, maybe it is something simple I am overlooking.  This network shapefile has two coincident features for every segment, one digitized from node A to B and one digitized in the opposite direction from node B to A.  Each feature has it's own impedances, for instance the AM peak travel time in one direction of flow could be different from the AM peak travel time in the other direction based on differences in congestion levels in each direction. 

I have converted to GDB feature class and created the network and tried solving some routes, but I am getting the exact same travel time in both directions so it seems that the route solver is not recognizing/using the flow/digitized direction and accumulating the appropriate impedances?  Does ESRI Network Analyst not recognize this type of bi-directional network? 

I have seen something indicating that I need to add new fields to separate out from/to and to/from impedances and then assign those to the appropriate edge evaluators, but am not sure how this is done since I have two separate features.  Should I dissolve, conflate, ?  It seems like I would need to assign flow direction to each segment then dissolve them but somehow preserve both impedances and be able to indicate which follows the flow of the line and which is opposite to the flow...

Hope this makes some sense, thanks in advance for any help...

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