Creating Routes for Asset Inspections

08-28-2013 05:59 AM
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Hello folks,

I???m working on a routing analysis and I think I???m going the right direction, just going the hard way.  I???m also a novice with Network Analysis so please let me know if I???m missing something obvious.

I???m trying to create routes for street sign inspections.  There will be 6 routes (inspectors) that need to inspect about 55k signs over several days.  They all start and stop at the same location each day.  It looks like the Vehicle Routing Problem is the way to do this; each sign as an order.

From what I have been able to gather multiday, routes cannot be created.  Is this correct?  Is there a more appropriate method to get the analysis I???m after?

Thank you
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Hi Alan,

I would suggest instead of having 6 routes that cover multiple days you do the following.

Break your routes up in the VRP by day.  An example of this would be Truck1_Monday, Truck2_Monday, Truck1_Tuesday, Truck2_Tuesday.  This will help break up your days while still allowing you to assign orders to the same inspector.  So if you have 6 inpsectors visiting orders over 3 days you would 18 individual routes.  You can then string these together.  This will also help increase the processing performance of 55K orders. 


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