Can't seem to get a network analysis layer into the location-allocation object

02-02-2012 11:53 AM
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Yet another Network Analyst question...

I am creating location allocation models, the process works fine in the interactive process and almost works in the Model Builder environment.  It works up until I get to the adding demand points to the Make Allocation object (on the extreme right in the attached bitmap).  There does not seem, to me, to be a way to take the network analyst layer that has the features and demand points already and link it to the Make Allocation object, even though it is apparently expecting a network analyst layer.  If I run the model (from the toolbox) it completes with errors that there are too many facility requests for the available facilities and that the demand point layer is empty.  If I click on the solve icon on the desktop it solves the question.  How do I re-connect the disconnect between my prepared network analysis layer and the location allocation tool?  Any advice greatly appreciated.

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The picture you have attached is not very clear to read the text. But I am going to guess what is going on:
When you use Add Locations to add some locations to a layer, it defaults to the first input sub-layer. In your case with Location-Allocation, that should be the Facilities. So when you get ready to add the Demand Locations, make sure you map it to the Demand and not the default Facilities. For example, in your existing model, open the second AddLocation and the second input on the form is called "sublayer" and it will set to Facilities. Change it (drop down) to Demand Points and save the model.

Jay Sandhu
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