Can points be automatically moved to the street lines?

04-25-2011 02:53 PM
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I have some points within the parcels. I need to move them to the street lines automatically (the nearest points on the street lines). Can I use some function in ArcGIS to do that or does it has to be done by writing codes?
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Make a network dataset on your street network and then use the GP tool, Calculate Locations to compute the "street" locations of your point dataset. Make sure to click on the "Network Location Fields" to expand that and specify the names of the optional Located X and Y-Coordinate Fields.
Now when you run the tool, it will add the X,Y of the location on the street where the point would snap to. You can then use these fields with the Add X,Y data and make a new feature class with updated locations.

You can read more on this tool here:

Jay Sandhu
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