Are there ways to push a package from ArcMap to Navigator? Without utilizing ArcGIS Pro?

10-31-2019 02:00 PM
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Is there anyway to create a custom route network, (with restrictions, areas, etc..), in order to utilize in ArcGIS Navigator, and package it up to push it to Navigator without creating a MMPK?  It seems like Navigator is heavily relied on having ArcGIS Pro, and the capabilities of a MMPK..

Looking to explore Navigator more, but at the moment I only have access to an ArcMap License.  Looking for advice, tips, and tricks for a novice Navigator user..

Thank you in advance!

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ArcGIS Pro is required to create a Mobile Map Package.

You can use the same network data that you created in ArcMap, though it is best to rebuild the Map in ArcGIS Pro rather than importing an MXD.


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