"Solve Vehicle Routing Problem" tool and Output Geodatabase Workspace

03-12-2013 04:12 PM
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Can I publish a "Solve Vehicle Routing Tool" with an Output Geodatabase Workspace other than "in_memory"?

The tool works in ArcMap using in_memory or a fgbd for the workspace, but when I publish the tool and run it on the  server it fails when I used a fgdb for the workspace.  The fgdb exists on the server and I have registered it also.

Help said the following:

Output Geodatabase Workspace
The ArcSDE geodatabase, file geodatabase, or in-memory workspace in which the output feature classes will be created. This workspace must already exist. The default output workspace is in memory.

But I cannot fine a way to define an ArcSDE gdb either?

Anyone had this problem???

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