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08-30-2021 01:25 AM
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ArcGIS Monitor is exhibiting some odd behaviour I don't understand. MongoDB runs on the server D drive which was recently running out of space. We added 10GB , expecting the available space to be steadily consumed at a rate of around 1GB per month, therefore giving us approx 10 month before having to consider expanding the drive again.  However, only a few weeks later the disk space is nearly all consumed:



Periodically, 1GB of space on the D drive will be quickly (in ~1 minute) consumed and I can't understand why. These events occur approx every 6-10 days. The only directory on the D drive larger than 1GB is the ArcGIS Monitor db directory, which points to the issue being related to ArcGIS Monitor.

You can see in the graphs above and below that, in addition to the events where a GB of disk space is consumed, there are other occurrences where a sizable amount of disk space is quickly consumed, only to be freed up again within a minute or so.


  1. Does anyone know what is happening here?
  2. Are the events where the disk space is consumed and then freed up part of an expected process?
  3. Are the events where disk space is being consumed and *not* freed up separate to the events where the space is subsequently freed up, or is it the same process but the clean up part of the process (where the disk space is freed up) is failing?

The server has been rebooted whilst we've been experiencing these issues but it did not correct the issue.

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Taking a shot in the dark here,

  • is there any backup configured?
  • does running compacting on mongodb free up the space?
  • Can you confirm if data/db folder size have grown over that period of time?
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