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Monitoring Oracle Enterprise Data

08-17-2023 12:30 PM
New Contributor

Has anyone been able to connect to an Oracle Enterprise database from the new Monitor?  ESRI support can't find the issue. I can connect on the Monitor server using sqlplus and ArcGIS Pro with no issues.  I'm pretty sure that the new Monitor has hard coded part of the connection string.

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Hello, I have a few Oracle databases registered with Monitor 2023.2. Can you share what error you're seeing?

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Yes, we were able to connect to our Oracle Enterprise geodatabases. Our server engineers did have to update the host-based firewall rules on the database server to allow port 1521. Otherwise nothing special. We used the fully qualified domain name of the server, port, name of the database and provided the sde credentials.
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Yes , 
We also managed to connect to an Oracle database .Attached Screenshot of the data we entered.
I think it's worth checking  from the monitor machine itself:
1. Is it possible to make a connection using SQLPLUS to the DB
2. TNSPING works properly