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Issue with Scheduling Incidents - ArcGIS Monitor 2023.2

10-18-2023 06:11 AM
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We are using ArcGIS Monitor 2023.2. I tried to create a Incident on the Monitor for our Patching activity. Wanted to create this as a one time activity, so set the recurrence to none, and gave the time of Patching window, with From time 18th October 3:30 PM and To time as 19th October 9 AM.


Once the incident is created, I noticed that, it got scheduled for next day, i.e 19th Oct 3:30 PM instead of 18th october. Is this a bug?




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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Radhakrishnan,

Testing this on my side, the dates and times are correct upon initial creation of the Incident. However, I am seeing the behavior you describe after editing the start/end time of an existing incident. I'll discuss this with the development team. In the meantime, are you able to edit the incident after creation to adjust the start/end times to the correct times?


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Hi Josh,

For me , I still get the issue of wrong date and time when I try to create the Incident. 

Initial entry (create incident):


After I click save, I get the next occurence as the exact next day, than the one I gave during the creation. I could also see the end time is an hour earlier that what i entered in the earlier window.


Then when tried to edit the incident ,I noticed this strange behaviour. I could see that in my last test as well but did not report it. During edit, the Start date disappears (Marked in red circle). And the end date shows the actual start date I wanted.  So guess there is a bug here.


Then once I entered the dates again, and clicked save, again, i could still see the next occurence date as the next day from the day I entered as input and end time is an hour earlier..



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