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Bug in System Log Parser for IIS Add-on

08-27-2020 12:30 AM
Occasional Contributor


I've found a bug in the System Log Parser for IIS Add-on in ArcGIS Monitor. When is added as an item in Portal and used in a web map, the HTTP requests made to the WFS are longer than 255 characters, e.g.:

Once this URL is written to the IIS logs being monitored by the System Log Parser add-on, all "Excel" reports generated by ArcGIS Monitor for the time period for which that URL exists in the logs, will fail:

This is because the URL is too large to fit in an Excel cell. The workaround is disable the add-on in ArcGIS Monitor Administrator while creating the report, then re-enabling the add-on afterwards (this does mean you miss having any of the add-on specific metrics in the report).

If the add-on is revised in the future, can URLs over 255 characters long in the IIS logs be truncated so they can be## written to the Excel report?



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