ArcGIS Monitor - Is it worth the cost?

01-31-2020 04:15 AM
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I am going to be implementing a new ArcGIS Enterprise environment in the near future (Production tier only, non-HA) and trying to decide if purchasing ArcGIS Monitor is worth the cost ($12,000). The environment will have the following server machines:
- ArcGIS Portal
- 2 X ArcGIS Server
- ArcGIS Relational Datastore
- ArcGIS Spatio Temporal Big Datastore
- ArcGIS GeoEvent
Looking for any feedback from folks with hands-on experience with Monitor and if you find it to be a valuable tool for managing your Enterprise GIS. In other words, will it save me $12K a year in management time?


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I would be also interested to hear as well how people see the ROI of the monitor in general. Good question.

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I received a few responses on reddit to the same post if you want to check them out:

ESRI ArcGIS Monitor : gis 

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