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Alert Values

04-20-2021 08:30 AM
New Contributor III

I have ArcGIS monitor setup in a Test environment. I am wondering if there is any documentation on the values set for the Configured Alerts.

I just want to know what these values mean so I can set the correct values in a configured alert. I am thinking this documentation would be available and very useful.



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Esri Regular Contributor

Generally speaking, for all the default values, ArcGIS Monitor is checking for a single instance of the event occurring.  In your screenshot, the rows with the comment of "Check Enterprise Logs" mean that if the Health Check fails, or gets an entry in the logs (more than zero), Monitor will report on that.  Same with log entries that are at the warning, critical, and severe level.  The two rows with "(Days)" in the Name, mean the value is the actual number of days until something happens.  In this case, Monitor will keep track of the expiration date of your license, and let you know you need to renew, starting 45 days before that date.

New Contributor III

Thank you!

I did find this as well...

"The health check reports whether the responding machine in the ArcGIS Server site is able to receive and process requests. A healthy (available) site will return an HTTP 200 response code along with a message indicating "success": true. An unhealthy (unavailable) site will return messaging other than HTTP 200."

This is the type of information that I wish was concisely documented.

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