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01-10-2018 07:02 AM
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Medical doctors use tools to monitor patients’ health, diagnose problems, and help determine how to treat illnesses.  Now, IT administrators and GIS managers can use ArcGIS Monitor to perform those activities on ArcGIS implementations. 

Esri is super excited to announce the launch of a new product – ArcGIS Monitor - a tool uniquely tailored to maximize your GIS and IT infrastructure investment by monitoring the health of your ArcGIS implementations.

The primary goal of ArcGIS Monitor is to help you efficiently and effectively operate and manage your ArcGIS technology implementations by providing actionable insights into your system usage and performance. Some of the key benefits of this product include:

  • Maximizes GIS investments through more effective system operation and reduced administration costs.
  • Improves system performance and end-user satisfaction.
  • Provides timely detection of potential and existing system infrastructure and operation problems that facilitates rapid resolution.
  • Increases understanding of actual system utilization for “right sizing” components and improves accounting.
  • Collects actionable, quantifiable metrics, such as system uptime, load, over and under-utilized resources, and usage trends over time.
  • Generates reports that improve communications among GIS, IT, business owners, and senior management.

The design and development of ArcGIS Monitor are based on real-world Professional Services experiences to help customers diagnose and resolve system performance problems, and achieve a deeper understanding of actual system resource usage. ArcGIS Monitor helps bridge the gap between IT and GIS. Its comprehensive capabilities are uniquely tailored to work with Esri ArcGIS technology, and can fit into any organization’s existing monitoring ecosystem.  In addition, it monitors both software and infrastructure components of an Esri Platform implementation. 

Key Features

ArcGIS Monitor features include

  • Holistic monitoring of all system tiers including:
  •     Web
    •     Application
    •     Logging
    •     HTTP
  •     ArcGIS
    •     ArcGIS Server
    •     Portal for ArcGIS Server
    •     ArcGIS GeoEvent Server
    •     Geodatabase and ArcGIS Data Store
  •     Database
    •     RDBMS: Oracle, SQL, Postgresql
  •     Cloud
    •     AWS
  •     Infrastructure
    •     Windows: CPU, Mem, Network, Disk
    •     Linux:CPU, Mem, Network, Disk
  •     Usage
    •     Web Logs
  •     GeoInfo
    •     Map of user locations
  •     Extensions
    •     Customized collectors or alerts, which can be created by users
  •     Licenses
    •     Collection Time
    •     Total and Number/Percentage Used
    •     Users
  • Non-intrusive monitoring (no agents)
  • Metrics Collection, Analysis, and Retention
  •     Data Collection Intervals (1, 5, 30 and 60 minutes)
  •     Data Aggregation (hourly, daily)
  •     High Volume Data Collection
  •     Statistical Analysis
  •     Raw Data Retention (15 – 90 days)
  •     Raw Data Statistics Retention (perpetual)
  •     Aggregate Data Retention (2 – 5 years)
  • Actionable Reports (templates, custom, real time, hourly, daily, monthly)
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Implementation Options (On-premises and Cloud)


ArcGIS Monitor will be released on Jan 17th 2018. To learn more, please visit the following links.

Esteemed Contributor

Will this software be available for all ArcGIS Enterprise users that are on current maintenance?  Or is there an additional cost associated with this software product?

New Contributor III

Hi Michael - ArcGIS Monitor will have an additional cost as it is a separate product. ArcGIS Monitor is priced based on the number of ArcGIS Server cores being monitored. Please connect with your Esri Account Manager to discuss your specific requirements for licensing and pricing.

New Contributor III

Hi Shree,

We're installed and ready to monitor a lot of infra but can't seem to get connected.  I noticed the configuration help is empty at the moment.  Any idea on it's release date?  I would love to compare this to our New Relic and Geocortex Analytics monitoring.



New Contributor III

Scratch that, there are two help files and the online.  The full help is great!

Occasional Contributor

Hi Aaron, see the online help topic to first create a connection and then Open the connection. Then check you have completed the configuration steps. For step 4, to Add a System counter, see the tutorial video. If you need more help, contact Esri Technical Support.

Best Regards,


New Contributor III

Thank you John!  I'm making progress now.

Occasional Contributor III

Hi Garrett,

ArcGIS Enterprise Team says:

Yes, ArcGIS Monitor can be added to an ELA! Please talk to your Esri Account Manager or Distributor to discuss.

Could you please confirm if ArcGIS Monitor is part of the ELA or not.



New Contributor III

Hi Mark,

The ArcGIS Enterprise team is correct that ArcGIS Monitor could be added to your Enterprise Agreement. By default, like most Esri products, this is not already included, so you would need to connect with your Account Manager to review your specific Enterprise Agreement and possibly make an amendment to include the allocation of ArcGIS Monitor licensing. I note you are in Australia, so I recommend connecting with your Account team there at Esri Australia to review further. 

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