What's New in ArcGIS Pro2.4: Maritime

06-20-2019 03:49 PM
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The Maritime tools at Pro2.4 now have the ability to convert the S-57 vector product for storing nautical charting data to the new vector S-101 format.

We can also modify and input point or multi-point feature class using the Reduce Point Density tool, and smooth triangulated irregular network or TIN datasets, using the Smooth Bathymetric TIN tool.

(Maritime starts at the 16:19 mark!)

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Any tutorial or webinar collection for the whole Maritime tools at Pro2.4 ?

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Thanks for your query Kamaruddin! The Maritime team will reach out to you soon with information.

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Many thanks for the head up. Is it possible to view S-101 potrayal onboard ArcGIS Pro?

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Hi Kamaruddin,

There isn't a complete S-101 Portrayal Catalogue yet, so what we have is ported from S-52. That said, there are some templates on ArcGIS Online that you can download that come with the UKHO "Micklefirth" sample dataset, converted from S-57 to S-101, and loaded in a Pro project and symbolized with the migrated S-52 symbols. 

The Pro Project can be downloaded from here:


There is a video on some of the maritime bathymetry capabilities in Pro, which is on YouTube.

The S-100 capabilities in Pro include a converter GP tool, to convert your S-57 datasets to S-101, and there are tools to import and export S-101 datasets.

In the next release, we will have tools for managing and creating complex attributes and feature associations in S-100. We will be creating videos of these tools and I can make you aware when they are available. 

If you want to reach out to me directly for more information, please do, I can give you a sneak peak at some of these new capabilities. 


Thanks - Craig

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