Esri Ocean and Atmospheric GIS Forum

08-15-2019 04:41 PM
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Discover new ways to use ArcGIS Technology to support your research, sustainable practices, or policy development efforts in ocean and atmospheric GIS.

A tool for scientific understanding, ArcGIS features tools for multidimensional analyses and scientific communication used across government, commercial, and conservation communities.

The Esri Ocean and Atmospheric GIS Forum is your opportunity to meet ocean and weather professionals who use GIS every day in forecasting, research, fisheries management, port operations, and coastal zone management.

workshops, along with presentations by Esri staff and attendees, will help you get more value from your marine and climate data using GIS. 

Join this vibrant community to exchange best practices and share knowledge.

Registration is now open!

You can also view videos and learn about the 2019 Esri Ocean and Atmospheric GIS Forum.

*language inspired by the Forum's marketing material.

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