ArcGIS Maritime - Pro 2.7 - What's New!

12-17-2020 09:27 AM
Esri Regular Contributor
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ArcGIS Maritime at Pro2.7 is an S-57 story:

  • With the introduction of S-57 Relationship Manager, you can now inspect and manage Hierarchical (structure-equipment) and Peer-to-Peer (collections) relationships.
  • The S-57 Editing group allows you to set your compilation scale, which automatically attributes the scale of features as you compile new data sources.
  • The S-57 Set Scale Band allows you to set filters on data by a scale range and product type. This facilitates visualizing what data in your central database will be present in different scale products.
  • The Attributes pane allows you to view and edit feature attributes in logically organized groupings.

Watch it in action here! 🍿

Maritime starts at the 28:11 mark.

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