Announcing ArcGIS Runtime 100.11.2

06-23-2021 03:17 PM
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The 100.11.2 patch release of ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Android, iOS, Java, .NET, and Qt is now available and resolves the following issues:

  • BUG-000140552:  Deleting an attachment on the client and applying edits does not delete the attachment on the server after the attachment is fetched via ServiceFeatureTable. 
  • BUG-000140772:  Applying edits on a ServiceFeatureTable fails against ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 with the error “Geodatabase item not found.”
  • BUG-000140778: KmlNode BalloonContent has incorrect formatting that causes image links to be broken when viewed in a Popup.
  • [Qt SDK only] BUG-000139861: iOS apps rejected from App Store with the error “ITMS-90426: Invalid Swift Support.” 
  • [Qt SDK only] BUG-000140614: IdentifyGraphicsOverlayResult.graphicsOverlay returns null.   

Some ArcGIS Runtime products have already released a 100.11.1 patch to fix issues specific to an SDK.   To keep the version numbers aligned for all ArcGIS Runtime SDKs, the version of this release is 100.11.2.   The 100.11.2 patch is complete (not an overlay) and cumulative, so any fixes in a 100.11.1 patch are included or superseded in the 100.11.2 patch.   The 100.11.2 patch follows the support lifecycle for ArcGIS Runtime 100.11 defined on the Esri Technical Support web site.  

For more details see the release notes for AndroidiOSQt.NET, and Java.

To get 100.11.2, go to the ArcGIS Developers web site, browse the ArcGIS Runtime SDK page of your choice and download the SDK. You can also reference the SDK through NuGetGradleSwift Package Manager, or CocoaPods.  

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