lidar data as elevation source

12-01-2022 03:17 PM
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Hi, I would like to use lidar data as elevation source.

I have tried first to create a tpkx file using "Create Map Tile Package" tool in ArcgisPRO. 


It doesn't work when I use it as elevation source for my ArcGISmap in Unity (and it is only few Ks?!??). Here is a drive link to the lidar data and tpkx:


I have tried also to host it using in ArcGIS online. It doesn't work when using the link as elevation source either.


I'm wondering what I did wrong ?!?? and if someone can help me with that?

Thank you ! Merci beaucoup!

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Can you attach a view state logging component in your scene and see if you can get more information?

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Hi Matt,

I work with mbd on the same project.

Our goal is to create a DEM with vertical exaggeration, then convert it to tpkx.

After unsuccessfully trying to create a tpkx with « Create Map Tile Package » (post of mdb), I opened my dem in ArcGIS Pro, in a map, as a Elevation surface (ground). I right clicked and chose Share as web layer, and and I was able to upload it on my ArcGIS online. This elevation works in Unity. And when I download the tpkx, it also works.

For this test, I used DEM « MNA_20K » from Gouvernement du Québec, and I used « mosaic to new raster » to create one large DEM, without vertical exaggeration (if you want to reproduce, you can take de f22c07_XXXX files).

Here is the url of my elevation layer on ArcGIS Online

and the tile package


My second test is to apply vertical exaggeration to the DEM. I managed to do this using the Raster Calculator tool (spatial analyst tools / map algebra). However, I am unable to upload it to ArcGIS Online. The operation fails, and I don't have any details. 



So the questions I ask you:

Do you know why am I not able to upload to ArcGIS online the DEM resulting from a raster calculator.

And can you help me to create a tpkx with my data, without going through ArcGIS Online? Because I want to use other lidar-derived DEMs, which is much heavier than MNA_20K. I know ArcGIS, but the tpkx, schema tiling, caches, etc… are new for me.

Thank you very much!


(Note: mdb will answer you regarding the view state logging component)

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