Latitude and Longitude Coordinates converted to Unity World Position

04-27-2023 12:47 PM
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Hey there, I've been working with the Unity SDK for a bit, but I'm struggling in this one aspect.

Say I have a latitude and longitude, , how can I then convert those coordinates into Unity world coordinates? Ideally I'd want to do this without having to create a gameObject with an ArcGISLocationComponent.

I've seen a few functions around that seem close to what I want, but not quite. Unless I'm misunderstanding what some of these functions do, because the documentations/comments mix up terms like "geo, world, engine" that makes it confusing to figure out what exactly is being converted to what.

    public static ArcGISPoint HitToGeoPosition(Vector3 point, float yOffset = 0)
        double3 worldPosition = math.inverse(map.WorldMatrix).HomogeneousTransformPoint(point.ToDouble3());
        ArcGISPoint geoPosition = map.View.WorldToGeographic(worldPosition);
        ArcGISPoint offsetPosition = new ArcGISPoint(geoPosition.X, geoPosition.Y, geoPosition.Z + yOffset, geoPosition.SpatialReference);

        return GeoUtils.ProjectToSpatialReference(offsetPosition, new ArcGISSpatialReference(4326));


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by Esri Contributor
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double3 worldPosition = arcgismap.View.GeographicToWorld(ArcGISPointPosition);

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