How to hold map (elevation layer) within extent with C#?

03-10-2023 07:48 AM
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I got a issue. I have made a arcgis map with the samplecode of arcgis on a table:


in VR (quest 2) i see the map.

I have a Dutch map with scenelayers in RD (28892) and use portal image layers also in 28892. I also use a elevation url thats in 28992. The BaseMap is disabled because the image layers don't work and the map reforms.

But i have a problem with the elevation layer in Unity and that is that when i walk around the table i walk on the elevation of the arcgis map and not on the floor of the room. The elevation layer stopped visible around the table but physical not it seems. When i disable the elevation i can walk on the floor. But then i have a gap between my scenelayers (multipatches with absolute height) and my image layers (they need the elevation from the elevation url).


How can i fix this?

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