Help! Unity build does not see the SLPK loaded into the ESRI Addin

03-07-2023 03:20 PM
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When I transfer my Unity build to another machine the data does not seem to be properly packaged. Quick overview My unity environment looks great when I load the SLPK in the addin.  When I do a build on export that looks great when I open it on the same machine.  After talking with Adrian Meriaux here at Dev Summit he confirmed that Unity doesn't see the SLPK and potentially only packages the data link path, not the data itself.  

I have a real operational need to get this fixed.  Please help get this resolved.

- Shea Broussard

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Hi, you should be able to use the same file path on a different machine and it should work. You could also try using Unity's streaming assets feature. If you use streaming assets, you'll have to manually tweak the file path with code a bit to get it to work.

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