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10-21-2022 06:06 PM
by Anonymous User
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I'm new to ESRI and ArcSite. I tried the SDK and GitHub samples and read through all the posts to date. I've been using Unity since 2009 and Unity Map SDKs since 2017. Here are some thoughts.

Many Unity Asset Store developers raised the bar to help people go from zero to hero with their plug-ins. Their YouTube tutorials assume users know nothing about Unity or the subject matter of their plug-in and walk them through specific examples, line-by-line in code, on how to use their product. Not everyone gets it, and people still need support, but developers provide a basic level of instruction for a beginner that establishes a baseline of knowledge for everyone.

There are specific things that Unity map SDK developers need to do in their applications. The list below isn't exhaustive, but it covers the basics. Some of these things are in the samples, but developers needs to reverse engineer the code by themselves to figure out exactly how they work.

  1. Loading a map based on:
    1. User's real-world location
    2. A predetermined fixed location
    3. The user or developer enters GPS coordinates
    4. The user enters an address
  2. Specifying the size of the map if it's not to be an open world
  3. Adding game objects to a map based on GPS coordinates
  4. Route planning based on two endpoints
  5. Route planning with multiple stops
  6. Rerouting based on traffic, road construction, or road closures
  7. Moving game objects along a route in either direction
  8. Converting ray-traced map hits to GPS and Unity world coordinates
  9. Zooming in and out of maps using the scroll wheel without triggering error messages
  10. Switching camera positions with a click of a button
  11. Switching from top down isometric to 3D perspective view
  12. Attaching the camera to the user's live location - and back to where it was
  13. Switching the map between satellite and street maps. Where and how exactly do you get a street map or other maps?
  14. Display and hide buildings. Where and how exactly do you get all the buildings on a map or only specific buildings of interest?

It would be beneficial if someone created some video tutorials based on the list above. Assume the user knows nothing about Unity or ArcSite. It's going to take time out of your busy schedule. They're a PITA to make. But they're essential if you want Unity users to adopt your SDK or make it easy for existing ArcSite users to develop in Unity. 

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Thank you for your feedback. We are actively working to address some of these items for new users who are interested in expanding their abilities.

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I agreee completly, having to reverese engineer the code to understand it has been a challenge and time consuming. Also getting into the ArcGIS ecosystem as a beginner has also been hard.

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Original post by @ReinD.

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