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07-12-2022 02:04 AM
New Contributor



I'm trying to use ArcGIS SDK for unity Version 1.0.0 to develop an application. In the pre-release version, that was possible to access the layer data individually as game object and we could make some changes. However, with the new version I can not access any map object such as basemap tiles or LOD models. For example, I want to access these objects and change their layers, change their locations, scales by buttons or etc. Is there a solution for that?

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Esri Contributor

Hello, so yes this was more achievable in our pre-release because we were showing the content in the hierarchy and we are not now. However this was not a feature we supported. In the prerelease version you would have noticed that as the camera moves we are fetching higher and lower quality content. This would discard all the changes you made to the data and there was no way for you to persist those changes between LODs. 

If you had a solution for this you wanted to continue using with our 1.0.0 release you could make it so that the ArcGISRenderer Component was not hidden.

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