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ArcGISLocation and Animation

09-09-2023 08:52 AM
New Contributor

Please let me describe my use case: I would like to move the camera around in a scene to focus on points of interest. My first approach was to use Unity's animation features to get this done.

Since the position of the ArcGISCamera is controlled by the ArcGISLocation component I tried to put an Animator on ArcGISCamera and let the animation take care of the camera movement.

This approach is often used on the "regular" Unity camera but unfortunately this does not work with the ArcGISCamera. The reason for that is that position and rotation are somehow not exposed to the animator, the only thing that is exposed is if it is enabled or not (please see screenshot)


However there are ways to do camera movement by C# script but it would be way more convenient to let animation take care of that.

It would be just great if ArcGISCamera could be used with animation or even better together with CineMachine...

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