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05-28-2021 01:18 AM
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I've noticed this bug for the last couple years when I started using Maps for Adobe CC, but when using the Vector Street Maps layer to output/sync maps, many of the street names that run vertically (north-south) do not import correctly for me. Instead of one continuous text box, these names come in disjointed as multiple text boxes next to each other so that you can't increase or decrease the size of the text without running into letter spacing issues. 

Up until now, I've deleted and recreated all the north-south street names manually, but it's a bit cumbersome on more complex maps. Any idea if there's a fix for this or if I'm doing anything incorrectly?

Thanks so much for creating this amazing tool – it has revolutionized the way my company works! Keep up the great work!

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Esri Contributor

Thanks for your kind words @vshelley!

Yes we are aware of the vertical text issue. Currently there isnt a solution. Please feel free to add this as an idea so the team can consider it for future on the road map. 

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