exprting to .aix problems

06-01-2021 03:33 AM
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i am exporting some maps (layouts) that i have just finished, so that they can be further worked in illustrator before sending them to the offset printer for publication.

these maps are large (120 x 80cm), with many layers and a complicated layout including inset maps, cross-sections, legend etc.

as a result the file size is large, 168,634Kb.

when i try to open them in illustrator, the software becomes unresponsive - greyed out... and does not recover.

the computer is new and very high spec, so that should not be the issue.

i am willing to share the .aix but obviously it is too large to share here...



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Hi @NigelBaker , 

Can you please share some information about the version of ArcGIS Pro, Illustrator and ArcGIS Maps for Adobe you have. Also are you choosing any specific settings when you export - what is the resolutions, compress vectors option. Any images in the map? Might need more info about the map / ArcGIS Pro project in addition to the aix file. 


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thanks for replying.

all the softwares are updated to the latest versions.

ArcPro 2.8.0

iilustrator 25.2.3

ArcGIS Maps 2.2.1

the map i almost all vectors bapart from 2 small inset maps (showing overviews/simplified geology) have transparent raster DEM's.

the rest is all vector, all in the same projection, all stored in local .gdb's. same colour space.

i can get them to open but the wait for illustrator is in the order of 30minutes or more!



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