Introducing ArcGIS Living Atlas Live Feeds status page

06-29-2021 11:59 AM
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For many years, Esri has provided a series of live feeds to help enhance situational awareness apps. ArcGIS Living Atlas Live Feeds are a collection of ready-to-use services that can provide current information on weather and other information that can mitigate disasters.

Published using the Aggregated Live Feeds Methodology, these are used by the Esri Disaster Response Program, included in the Emergency Management Operations Solution, and leveraged in many applications across the user community. The Live Feeds are feature services containing data from authoritative sources, including NOAA, USGS, NIFC and more. 

In an effort to provide more visibility and transparency for the current status of these feeds, the Living Atlas team has developed the new Live Feeds Status page. The page displays a summarized view of each service showing the current status and usage trend, along with an RSS link to subscribe to notifications.

For more information, see Introducing ArcGIS Living Atlas Live Feeds Status.

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