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Global Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) content now available in Living Atlas

06-19-2024 08:29 AM
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A better understanding of WUI areas can help identify vulnerability of structures and people to wildfire, understand habitat loss and fragmentation, and help minimize the spread of zoonotic diseases. The new Global Wildland-Urban Interface layer is the first of its kind in Living Atlas to document the WUI on a global scale and will serve as a companion to the other wildfire related content in Living Atlas. It is one more tool in your toolbox to help prepare for and assess the potential risks from wildfires.



Firefighting professionals, emergency services organizations, and regional and local land developers will all find unique ways to incorporate this new data service into their daily workflows.

For more information, see How wild is the land? by @MarkGilbert and @MichaelDangermond 

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