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WMS Layer - invalid GetCapabilities response

08-29-2022 10:46 PM
New Contributor


We are trying to add a WMS layer in ArcGIS but somehow, for one of our providers, the GetCapabilities response seems to be invalid because ArcGIS is not fetching data from it after the GetCapabilities request.

We've tested the code with three other WMS providers and the data loads fine, just the one from 

seems to return invalid data.
I've created a code pen here
and also a code pen that tests that the code works as expected with another provider in here
Thank you
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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @RobertSandu - you need to set the spatialReference on your layer and the MapView (not the map).

Now the layer is fetching data after the GetCapabilities request, but I still get a white screen. Is this expected? The GetMap requests return white for me, for example:


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