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VectorTileLayer does not support tiles

06-15-2023 08:22 PM
Occasional Contributor

I am trying to add a Vector layer pointing to (the geo admin tiles are beautiful).

It has a few issues:

  • There are errors in the console: "Unsupported vector tile raster layer lbm_relief",
  • There is some issue with text rendering that renders style expression:


It would be awesome if the team has time to work on adding missing support!




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Hi VictorBerchet

Unfortunately, I dont know the answer to your question. I just saw your post and would like to ask you, whether you would provide me with your codesnippet as we also try to access the vector tile basemap from swisstopo. Yet we were completely unsuccesful... Thank you for your reply,


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You can check the sample code and set the URL to the one in my first message.

Hope this helps

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