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Using Floor Manager class in ArcGIS Runtime API for Java

11-15-2021 10:00 AM
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I am using the java package Package "com.esri.arcgisruntime.mapping.floor" for one of my projects. For the class "Floor Manager" defined in Esri API for Java, it manages the data displayed by a floor-aware map or scene, allowing filtering based on floor levels. public final class FloorManager extends Object implements Loadable A FloorManager must be loaded before we can access its site, facility, and level properties. But, below are the scenarios where my FloorManager fails to load: The map/scene associated with the floor manager is not floor-aware. The mandatory facility or level layer doesn't exist. It is unable to get the facilities or levels from their respective layers. It is unable to get the sites from a specified site layer. My questions are as follows: If the map is not floor aware (Z value is not there), is there a way, we can give the same through coding or we have to assign the z value at the map level. If the facility exists , how can we obtain in the map in the layer form. I am just looking for some reference or working example link to study it in more detail, as on Esri Website , no working examples or details are available.

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Hi @BradleyWillis for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java you'll need to post your questions in the Java community which is here => 

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