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Sceneview hittest expected behavior

08-13-2021 11:40 AM
New Contributor II

I have a 3D Sceneview with multiple layers and am using HitTest to call a function when one specific layer is clicked. This works fine but when there are overlapping layers and I click on a different layer, the HitTest fires and runs a call to the REST API. The layer the HitTest is included in does not highlight and the popup does not open but it runs the rest api call among other things. Is this the expected behavior? 

If it is unclear what I am talking about. Let's say I have two 3D layers, one for walls and one for cabinets. I choose to only include 'cabinets' in the HitTest. When I click on a wall and there is a cabinet behind it, the HitTest fires the function on the cabinets layer, even though there is a wall in front of it. I do not want this to happen. 

view.on("click", function(event) { 
          // if any, remove the previous highlights
          if (highlight) {
          // only include graphics from hurricanesLayer in the hitTest
          const opts = {
            include: cabLayer
          view.hitTest(event, opts).then(function(response) {            
            // check if a feature is returned from the cabLayer
            if (response.results.length) {
              const graphic = response.results[0].graphic;
              // Get the Drawer_ID of the clicked drawer
              var drawerId = graphic.attributes.Sheet1__DRAWER_ID;
              var drawerTitle = graphic.attributes.Sheet1__DRAWER_TITLE; 
              var cabId = graphic.attributes.Sheet1__CAB_ID;              
              // Call to the ArcGIS REST API to retreive the maps in each drawer
                      dataType: 'json',
                      url: url ,
                      type: "GET",    
                      success: function(data) {
                       if (data.features.length <= 0) {
                       } else {
                         // show the cabinet info div
                         // Get the features from the REST API 
                         var features = data.features;  
                         var numResults = data.features.length;
                         cabLayer.popupTemplate = {
                            title: "Drawer: " + drawerId + " (" + drawerTitle + ")",
                            content: "Map count: " + numResults
                         $('#results').html("Map count: " + numResults + " maps");  
                         // Create a new table with the array of features 
                         // Show the icon to get the table back
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