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Print Template location when migrating to Portal based services

10-26-2020 09:45 AM
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Not a JS question, per se, but this group of people have likely encountered this so....

Our internal ArcGIS Server is slated to be retired shortly and the guidance I received regarding my apps was to migrate those services to our new Portal install. Ok, fine. One of my JS API apps, however, utilizes several print templates which, under the ArcGIS Server environmental, was stored on the relevant server in


I have copied my JS code onto the replacement server but that server does not have an ArcGIS Server instance installed. I'm at a loss to figure out- where do I place my MXD print templates so that my app can continue to use them?



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   I just uses a share on my main GIS file server and add the UNC path to the servers data stores (I do not use Portal, this is for ArcGIS Server).